Return/exchange or refund Policy:

Thank you for being a nice customer and trusting on us to help you to give you a great look. I hope you like your order and are happy with the purchase, and our guidelines and display about the product so that you can make an informed decision.

If due to any reason, you want to exchange your item for another size, style or you want to return to have a credit balance or get a completely refund, we are here to help.

We are very humble to guide and educate our customers along the way so that we all are making right choices in life that help us to succeed with our long-term goals of financial, environmental and societal. Every return has a huge impact in terms of financials and more importantly huge environmental impact.

We as a VibeVu family has decided to keep our profit margins lower than the industry standards because we want that our customers are profitable with each purchase and they win at each time. If they win, then we all win together.

Each return eats up our all profit margins and if we will be getting more returns than average, then we have no choice than to increase our prices which will directly effect the whole VibeVu family. Thank you for understanding. Please buy wisely and make an informed decisions so that we can give you and others a best value at the lower cost.

But we also agree that you are not going to look great if the item does not fit with your style or if size is not that perfect as you expected. No worries, we are here to help.

Terms to accept exchange, return:

Returns, exchanges are subject to these following terms.

Exchanges, returns of your items are only available inside the US. We do not sell and not either accept exchanges, returns outside the US. For to start your return, exchange process, your product should be inside the US.

Products are only accepted for exchange or return within 7 days after you received your package. Please once you get the package, so check your products carefully and if you need to exchange or return, start your exchange, return process as soon as possible within 7 days.

Products that need extra precaution due to hygienic purposes like facemasks, are non exchangeable or returnable.

Returns, exchanges are only accepted if item packaging is not destroyed and any stickers, packaging labels or product promo labels are not detached. So please try products carefully without removing any tags or labels. We need products again in a reselling condition as per the industry standard.

Any kind of shoes like sandals, sneakers, boots, running shoes, etc. are nonexchangeable, nonreturnable, if you use them outside of your house, office. Please try them carefully inside your office or home and see if everything meets your expectation. We need them in a reselling condition as per industry standards.

If you decide to exchange the item for another size for the same product then no cost is charge to you.

If you decide to get a return credit for your returned item, then no cost is charged to you.

If you decide to get a refund for the returned item, then shiping and handling charges of $6.79 are charged from your balance before to make any final settlement of you amount.

How to return the item:

You can start your return or exchange process by using this link and it will guide you through the process. If link is not yet available, then please contact the customer support at:

Please pack the product/s carefully so that it does not damage during the return process. Please use the same original packaging for a shiping carrier if it is possible for you. Please print your labels and attach them with the package and leave your package to the nearest carrier/postage drop off location.

You will be guided during the return process to return your package successfully.

If the returned item/package does not meet our return policy and the criteria which we mentioned, then return/refund is not accepted, we can ship your product/package again to you, and normal standard shipping is charged to send a package again to you.


What is a return credit:

If you decide to return the item and have a credit balance with us, then credit balance is equal to the returned item buying price and is credited to your account. You can use your return credit for your next purchase.

You are not charged any return expense and equal amount of your purchase price of the return item is added as a return credit. You can use your return credit whenever you want, and it does not expire.

How to get your refund:

If you decide to get a complete refund of the returned item, then shipping and handling charges of $6.79 are deducted from your balance before to finalize your actual returnable amount. Your returnable amount is then returned to you by the same method which you used to make a purchase with us.

We start the refund process as soon as we get the item back. Once returnable item is received, and it passes our returnable items terms, then we start the refund process almost on the same day, and you get your refund amount in your account within 5-7 business days.

If you have any further questions about the return, exchanges, you are always welcome to contact to our customer support service.  Thank you!


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