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VibeVu is a growing clothing retailer for men and women's fashion and apparel in the age group of 18-28. Vibevu is popular among the urban communities of US and mostly its customers are students and young white-collar professionals. VibeVu currently serves the US market only.


VibeVu offers an affordable luxury clothing and brings modern and trendy fashion styles in its products to give its customers a great look. VibeVu is not only a clothing retailer but is driven with its strong mission, which is helping to white-collar professionals to succeed with their big life goals by maintaining the trendy and fashion forward lifestyle.


VibeVu is a brand and domain of Cluevest, LLC ( Cluevest is a management consulting and investment company. Cluevest consults and invests in many businesses and is doing business in more than 45 countries. Cluevest LLC’s head quarter is in Dallas TX.


If this is something, you want to relate to? If this is something that you want to like to promote and want to become an ambassador of? If you have a young white-collar audience, or you want to create an audience by promoting our products, then you are at the right place. VibeVu welcomes you as a business partner, and you are more than welcome to apply for to join our affiliate partner program.


VibeVu is willing to build long-term relationships with its business partners and offers a healthy and competitive affiliate commissions to its brand ambassadors and affiliates. Here below are affiliate payout terms.

Affiliates commissions (% of sales): 15% at each sale

Cookie duration: 60 days

Payout duration: After 65 days of sale.

Affiliate support: Yes


VibeVu provides you your account and dashboard, and you can monitor your sales, performance and payouts.


VibeVu offers a good customer support to affiliates and works collaboratively with them and even helps them out with market strategy and how they can get more sales. VibeVu is willing to build professional and business relationships with its business partners and affiliates that are long-term and more importantly helps our business partners and affiliates to make more money.


VibeVu provides good customer support and services, including its affiliates. If you have any questions at any time, you can reach out to our support team. You can find more details in the contact us section of our website. We are available through email, phone and chat. We will be very happy to help and get you started with your online earning, and if you need help or have any other questions related to making more sales online.


VibeVu affiliate’s partner program is subject to approval, and accounts are approved normally within 24 hours.


VibeVu is very strict with its policies and business terms. VibeVu requires strictly from its business partners to comply with our terms of service and other policies which we mentioned on our website in different pages.


For to get approved and stay as our affiliate business partner, you need to comply with these rules and regulations and also with our terms of service and other policies which we mentioned on our website.

1: Do not misguide to customers for to get sales.

2: You should not make any comments/support/promote any politics, religion.

3: You should not make any negative comments about any brand(competitor) in our industry and especially not use our name or contents along making any negative comments about any other brand/company. Constructive feedback is not considered negative comments and are warmly welcome for all clothing industry, brands/companies, including VibeVu and Cluevest management.  

4: You should not involve in any criminal activity or have any criminal record from last three years.

5: You should comply with our terms of service. Please find and read this on our website.


VibeVu is very strict with its policies, and your account will be suspended if you are not the right affiliate partner for us. VibeVu closes the affiliate account without any notice and warning, if business terms are violated. You can apply again for to join our affiliate program, but this is a subject of approval from Cluevest management.


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VibeVu welcomes you to join our affiliate program and start making money online. Please create your account to get started. We normally approve account within 24 hours after doing due diligence about you.


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VibeVu ---- Empowering people to maintain trendy and fashion forward lifestyle for to succeed with their big life goals.