About us:

VibeVu is fashion and apparel brand within a segment of affordable luxury and provides good-quality  clothing on a reasonable pricing. VibeVu offers modern and trending apparels and stay on top with the current trends for its customers.

VibeVu brand offers modern clothing for the age group of 18-28 and vibes its customers with the great look to help them to succeed with their goals and help them to build a better life by making moves on their big opportunities. 

Our customers are young passionate students and white-collar professionals who have big dreams, and they are chasing their dreams every single day very actively and they know that without a great look, great things are not possible.

VibeVu vibes them at each day to think big, make big moves, be passionate, be active, run your own show and succeed with all the big dreams in life.  

Our products are available only in the US market, and we do not ship internationally. 90% of our products are sourced from the sources within the US and 10% of the time; we source products from Europe and China if these products are attractive, relevant, trending and still are not available in the US market. We offer standard shipping that takes 4-7 business days. If product is coming from EU or China, then shipment is delivered in 10-15 days.   

VibeVu works with creative teams, stylists, designers and many other industry professionals to selectively choose the product line that will help its customers to have a great look and succeed by getting big opportunities.

We are so humble and proud to work with many fashion industry veterans in L.A. and New York and in our home-state Texas to offer the products that give a look and feel of USA trendy fashion apparel.

VibeVu sources its products from many handpicked designer houses, fashion brands, warehouses, suppliers and even is working with many retailers to provide all in one window solution to its customers to provide trending and modern fashion. VibeVu offers different brands products and also private label products that meet our quality and design criteria.   

VibeVu is a part of Cluevest company. We are a dedicated small team, and we are so passionate to stay ahead with the fashion trends and to give our customers a best experience and look. Our deep rooted experience and expertise from Management consulting have equipped us to see the trends and provide a better value to our customers.

We have built many good relationships and gained expertise within the fashion industry by working collaboratively and providing our services to our customers within fashion industry and consumer products.

Our main strength is to see the trends, understand customers and offer better products with a style that is forward thinking and give our customers a fresh and modern look. We want to focus on what we are best at, and this is to help our customers to make right decisions and choose the right products.

We stock a decent number of items in our own warehouse and fullfillment center and are also working with other warehouses, suppliers, brands, retailers, designer houses to meet the demand of our customers and offer more diverse and versatile product line.

We are thankful to all our business partners that together; we can give our customers a great experience and look. A dedicated team in the whole supply chain help us to deliver on our promises and to give a great value to our customers that is aligned with our brand values and mission.  

If you are designer, supplier, retailer, fashion brand and your products are for our audience then, please reach out to us. We will be very happy to have a meeting and to see how we can help each other and more importantly to give a better value to our customers.

If you are our customer then, please like us on social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter for to stay ahead with the new fashion trends and product offers. Many great news are coming to you soon. We will launch soon fashion blog, podcast and free giveaway every week.

We are happy to accept any positive feedback from our customers, designers, brands, suppliers, warehouses that can help us to become better and provide even better service and product offerings to our customers. Please feel free to write to us an email or just send a message on our any social media channels.

Thank You.

VibeVu – Fashion and apparel brand for modern people to get a great look to hit on more, big opportunities.